How much does a freelance copywriter make?

What is a Freelance Copywriter?

A freelance copywriter is a writer who specializes in creating content for promotional, marketing, and advertising materials. They are usually employed on a contractual basis and can work from home or in an office. Copywriters are responsible for writing copy that is both engaging and persuasive, and that encourages prospective customers to take action.

What Does a Freelance Copywriter Do?

Freelance copywriters are responsible for creating content that engages and inspires readers. They must have a strong understanding of how to create persuasive copy that resonates with readers, and how to optimize the content for search engine optimization (SEO). Copywriters must also have a good grasp of grammar and punctuation, as well as the ability to write in different styles, depending on the project.

Copywriting involves researching and understanding the target audience, and crafting copy that will capture their attention and compel them to take action. Copywriters must also have an understanding of the product or service they are promoting, and be able to explain it in a manner that is easy for readers to understand.

Skills Required for a Freelance Copywriter

To be successful as a freelance copywriter, there are certain skills that are essential. These include:

  • Creativity: Freelance copywriters must be able to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems.
  • Communication: Freelance copywriters must be able to communicate effectively, both in writing and verbally.
  • Research: Freelance copywriters must be able to research topics thoroughly, to ensure they are conveying accurate information.
  • Organization: Freelance copywriters must be organized and able to manage multiple projects at once.
  • Attention to Detail: Freelance copywriters must have an eye for detail, to ensure all copy is accurate and of the highest quality.
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How to Become a Freelance Copywriter

Becoming a successful freelance copywriter requires a combination of education, experience, and skill.


Most freelance copywriters have a degree in either English, journalism, communications, or marketing. It is also helpful to take courses in copywriting, creative writing, and web writing.


Copywriting is a highly competitive field, and having some experience can be beneficial. Many freelance copywriters gain experience by working with a copywriting agency, or by taking on small freelance projects.

Marketing Yourself

Freelance copywriters must be able to market themselves and their skills. This involves creating a portfolio of writing samples, as well as having a website or blog to showcase their work. Building a network of contacts is also important.

How Much Does a Freelance Copywriter Make?

Freelance copywriters can make anywhere from $25 to $100 an hour, depending on their experience and the type of project. Freelance copywriters can also charge a flat rate for projects, which can range from $500 to $10,000 or more.

Tips for Earning More as a Freelance Copywriter

Focus on Quality

The key to success as a freelance copywriter is to produce quality work. Clients are willing to pay more for copy that is well-written and engaging.

Develop Your Skills

Freelance copywriters should continually strive to improve their skills. Taking courses, reading books, and attending workshops can all help to further develop your skills and make you more marketable.

Network and Build Your Brand

Building a network of contacts and establishing yourself as a brand can help to increase your earning potential. Networking can help you to find new clients, and building your brand can help to attract higher-paying projects.


Freelance copywriters can make a good living, but success depends on having the right skills and experience, as well as the ability to market yourself. With hard work and dedication, freelance copywriters can become highly successful and make a great living.