Why did you choose this job example?

I recently decided to make a career change and chose a job that I felt would be the perfect fit for me. It has been a long process of researching and considering different career paths and opportunities before I finally made the decision to pursue this particular job. In this article, I will discuss why I chose this job and what factors I considered when making my decision.

Research & Planning

Before I made the decision to pursue this job, I spent months researching different job opportunities and weighing the pros and cons of each. I looked at a variety of aspects such as salary, job security, location, and benefits. I also looked into the industry and the specific job I was considering to make sure that it was something I could see myself doing in the long-term.

A Good Fit

As I was researching and planning my career change, I started to feel that this particular job was a good fit for me. It was a position with a well-known company in an industry I had a lot of experience in, and I felt like I had the skills and experience necessary to succeed in this role.

Growth Opportunities

I also saw this job as an opportunity for growth. The company offered great benefits and was always looking to promote from within. This meant that I could start in this job and work my way up the ladder, gaining more skills and experience as I moved up.


While the job had a lot of advantages, I also knew that there would be some challenges. The job required a lot of hard work and dedication, and there were times when I would have to put in long hours. I was also aware that there were certain aspects of the job that I would have to learn and adapt to.

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Advantages Of The Job

Despite the challenges, I was still drawn to this job for a number of reasons. The job offered competitive pay, great benefits, and the potential for long-term growth. I also liked the fact that the company was well-known and respected in the industry, and that the job itself was challenging and rewarding.

My Skills & Experience

When making my decision, I considered my own skills and experience. I felt that my previous experience in the industry and my knowledge of the company would make me an ideal candidate for this job. I was confident that I had the necessary skills and that I could learn and adapt quickly to the new role.

The Right Location

Another factor I considered was the location of the job. I had been living in the same city for a few years, and this job was located in a city that I knew and loved. I felt like moving to this city would be a great opportunity to experience a new place while also staying close to my family and friends.

Taking The Leap

After months of research and planning, I decided to take the leap and pursue this job. I felt that it was the perfect fit for me and that it offered a great opportunity for growth and learning. I knew that it would be a challenge, but I was confident that I had the skills and experience necessary to succeed in this role.


In conclusion, I chose this job because it was a great fit for me and offered a great opportunity for growth and learning. I considered a number of factors such as salary, job security, location, and my own skills and experience before making my decision. I am now happily settled in my new role and am looking forward to what the future holds.